Patient Reviews

Alexandros V.

Very good doctor, excellent knowledge of his field, reachable, kind and honest.

Pagona K.

When a scientific genius meets a true human being, then miracles happen. A miracle is also me that I am alive. I would like to thank a true human being and excellent doctor, Charis Spiropoulos!

Evridiki K.

I instantly felt confidence and trust around him due to how careful he was with my examination. He was very understandable and clear on the way I should be treated as well as very kind, as we went to see him with quite agony. Excellent professional and surgeon. I am truly grateful.

Nikoleta M.

Very well educated, informed and thorough surgeon. Really comprehensive as far as my hernia problem was concerned, which was treated surgically. Excellent professional.

George V.

His love about medical science and humans, is all profound in a modern doctor’s office with high aesthetics. Congratulations!

Eleni S.

Great doctor, I strongly recommend him!


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