Charalampos Spyropoulos Director of the 3rd Department of Surgery, Metropolitan General Hospital,

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By browsing this website, you can find updated scientific data regarding the treatment of a wide range of surgical diseases.

The clinical experience and expertise of our surgical team and the continuous training in centers of excellence worldwide, ensure the provision of pioneering surgical services, especially in the fields of Metabolic Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Endocrine Surgery and Hernias treatment, mostly by applying minimally invasive techniques.

The only purpose of the website is to inform about the appropriate surgical treatment based on recent guidelines and medical / technological advances, without any purpose of advertising.

You can send me any questions you may have regarding medical issues of your concern, through the contact form available on the website.

Yours sincerely,

Charalampos Spyropoulos, MD, PhD, FACS

Director of the 3rd Department of Surgery, Metropolitan General Hospital, Athens, Greece

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Alexandros V.

Very good doctor, excellent knowledge of his field, reachable, kind and honest.

Eleni S.

Great doctor, I strongly recommend him!

Pagona K.

When a scientific genius meets a true human being, then miracles happen. A miracle is also me that I am alive. I would like to thank a true human being and excellent doctor, Charis Spiropoulos!

Nikoleta M.

Very well educated, informed and thorough surgeon. Really comprehensive as far as my hernia problem was concerned, which was treated surgically. Excellent professional.

Evridiki K.

I instantly felt confidence and trust around him due to how careful he was with my examination. He was very understandable and clear on the way I should be treated as well as very kind, as we went to see him with quite agony. Excellent professional and surgeon. I am truly grateful.

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